About Us

Elder Nourish was founded on the premise that if older adults receive a customized meal plan designed to meet their individual health goals, they will live happier and healthier lives. And studies show that receiving nutritious meals targeted to their needs improves health outcomes, lowers health care costs, and improves quality of life.

We’re dedicated to providing delicious nutritional support to older adults who are aging in place. We offer healthy meals so they can have the opportunity to live in the comfort of their own home for as long as is preferable and possible. Enjoying healthy tempting meals that support good health should be a part of everyone’s day. We believe that Elder Nourish is not just our passion but a true need.

Our chefs are professionally trained, background checked, compassionate and caring. They complete a rigorous one-on-one training program specifically designed to meet the needs of older adults.

Founder and CEO, Kim Lipinski, started cooking for elders in her community in Vermont, working through a non-profit home health and hospice organization. It’s there where she saw the need for healthier food options and the important role that customized meal plans for older adults can play in better health and satisfaction in life. Since co-founding Elder Nourish in 2018, the chefs of Elder Nourish have been providing delicious nutritional support for older adults in Washington D.C. and the metro area.